Guide to Guy's Anatomy Lab on SBLC Computers

1 If the computer asks for a User ID, type in the computer's own number, e.g., SBCL09. Leave 'Password' blank and hit enter.

2 Choose (double-click) the icon 'Shortcut to HSC SBLC SOFTWARE'

3 From the many icons, choose 'Anatomy Lab'

4 Choose 'The Upper Limb'

5 Choose 'Axial Skeleton and Muscle'

6 Wait until the program starts, then, in the query box, type a single letter, number, or punctuation mark, and hit ENTER to proceed

7 From now on, whenever a question is posed, anything typed in the box, followed by ENTER lets you progress

8 To get out, use 'Back to Menu, 'Yes', followed by as many 'Quits' and 'Close' as it takes.