SAMPLE EXAM 4     DIRECTIONS:  Choose the one best answer

1 The right testicular (or ovarian) vein usually drains into the
  A inferior vena cava
  B right renal
  C inferior mesenteric vein
  D right femoral vein
  E right internal iliac vein

2 Which structure is not part of the nephron __?
  A Bowman's capsule
  B distal convoluted tubule
  C proximal convoluted tubule
  D collecting duct
3  The ejaculatory duct enters the
  A  urogenital diaphragm
  B  corpus cavernosum
  c  prostatic urethra
  D  urethra in corpus spongiosum

 In the kidney. the route of blood from the renal artery to the glomerulus is as follows ?

5 ___      A  afferent arteriole

6 ___      B  arcuate artery

7 ___      C  interlobular artery

8 ___      D  interlobar artery

9  Implantation into the endometrium takes place how many days after fertilization ___?
   A two days
   B four days
   C six days
   D fourteen days
   E one day

10  The lining of the renal pelvis has to withstand full-strength urine, so its epithelium is
   A  simple squamous
   B  simple columnar
   C  stratified squamous
   D  keratinized stratified squamous
   E  transitional

11 Using the above choices, which epithelium lines the vagina and cover most of the outside of the cervix ___?

12 Using the same choices, which epithelium lines the uterine tube __?

13 Using the above choices, which epithelium lines the capillaries of the kidney ___?

14 Arrange the structures in proper sequence for the flow of urine: 1 - ureter; 2 - urinary bladder; 3 - renal papilla; 
4 - renal pelvis; 5 - minor calyx; 6 - major calyx

  A  1-4-5-3-6-2
  B  6-4-5-3-1-2
  C  4-1-3-5-6-2
  D  5-6-4-1-3-2
  E  3-5-6-4-1-2

15  What encloses the glomerular urinary space __?
   A  visceral layer of Bowman's capsule (Podocyte layer)
   B  parietal layer of Bowmans's capsule
   C  transitional epithelium
   D  A and B are correct
   E  A, B, and C are correct

16  Which of the following directly connects with the glomerular urinary space __?  
     A  proximal convoluted tubule
   B  descending thin limb of Henle's loop
   C  ascending thin limb of Henle's loop
   D  distal convoluted tubule
   E  straight collecting duct

17   The glomerulus  __?
   A  is a capillary network
   B  is in the renal medulla
   C  is supplied by blood via the efferent arteriole
   D  surrounds Bowman's capsule

18  From pubis to back to sacrum, the order of perineal openings in the woman is __?
   A  urethra, anus, vagina 
   B  anus, urethra, vagina
   C  anus, vagina, urethra
   D  vagina, urethra, anus
   E  urethra, vagina, anus

19  The long fleshy muscle that runs inside the pelvis along the pelvic brim, 
and is a flexor of the hip joint, is the ___?
   A  Coccygeus
   B  Iliacus
   C  Psoas major
   D  Quadratus lumborum

20 The muscle that extends down to form the external anal sphincter is the ___?
   A  Coccygeus
   B  Iliacus
   C  Psoas major
   D  Levator ani
   E  Quadratus lumborum

21  The place where the ductus/vas deferens separates from the testicular artery and vein 
to go to the prostate is the ___
   A  External/superficial inguinal ring
   B  Inguinal canal
   C  Deep inguinal ring
   E  Scrotal sac

22  The source of the enzyme that breaks down the jelly of the semen is the ___?
   A  bulbo-urethral gland
   B  prostate gland
   C  vestibular gland
   D  seminal vesicle
   E  epididymis

23  The principal site of sperm production is the __?
   A  Seminiferous tubule
   B  Prostate gland
   C  Vagina
   D  Seminal vesicle
   E  Epididymis

24  The layer of the uterine wall that, at term, responds to prostaglandins 
and contracts with force is the ___?
   A  endometrium
   B  myometrium
   C  perimetrium
   D  parametrium
   E  cervix

25  The female structure that corresponds developmentaly to the male scrotum is the 
   A  hymen
   B  clitoris
   C  vestiblue
   D  labia minora
   E  labia majora

_____24. From first to last the correct order in which the filtrate would pass through 
the structures listed is:
A. glomerular capsule-  DCT-  loop of Henle -  PCT -  collecting duct
B. glomerular capsule - PCT -  loop of Henle -  DCT -  collecting duct
C. collecting duct - glomerular capsule- PCT- loop of Henle- DCT
D. glomerular capsule- collecting duct- PCT- loop of Henle- DCT
E. glomerular capsule- loop of Henle-PCT- DCT- collecting duct

_____25. Which of the following would not apply to the location of the kidneys?
A. retroperitoneal
B. thoracic cavity
C. abdominal cavity
D. lumbar cavity

_____26. Starting at the tip of a medullary pyramid, the correct sequence of 
structures that urine passes through on it way out of the body is:
A. calyx- renal pelvis- ureter- urinary bladder- urethra
B. renal pelvis- calyx- urethra- urinary bladder- ureter
C. renal pelvis- calyx- ureter- urinary bladder- urethra
D. calyx- renal pelvis- urethra- urinary bladder- ureter
E. ureter- calyx- renal pelvis- urinary bladder- urethra

_____27. The portion of the nephron closest to the collecting duct is called the:
A. Bowman's capsule
B. distal convoluted tubule
C. proximal convoluted tubule
D. glomerulus
E. loop of Henle

____28.  The beginning of the nephron is dilated to form the:
A. renal pelvis
B. glomerulus
C. renal calyx
D. proximal convoluted tubule
E. Bowman's capsule

_____29. If you dissected a medullary or renal pyramid, what would you find 
A. the collecting tubules
B. the calyx
C. the vas deferens
D. the glomeruli
E. the arcuate artery

_____ 31. Where does most reabsorption of substances from the glomerular filtrate 
A. in the proximal convoluted tubule
B. in the Bowman's Capsule
C. in the loop of Henle
D. in the distal convoluted tubule
E. in the collecting tubule

_____32. The spermatic cord leaves the scrotum through the:
A. gubernaculum
B. inguinal canal
C. eustachian tube
D. ductus deferens
E. acoustic tube

_____33. From the ejaculatory duct, sperm can pass directly into the:
A. urethra
B. seminiferous tubule
C. epididymis
D. ductus deferens
E. seminal vesicle

_____34. What is the cone-shaped, terminal portion of the penis?
A. epididymis
B. foreskin
C. glans penis
D. prepuce
E. external auditory canal

_____35. Erectile tissue becomes turgid due to the:
A. contraction of skeletal muscle
B. a bony structure
C. elastic connective tissue
D. elastic cartilage
E. blood sinuses filling with blood

_____36. Why are the testes located in the scrotum?
A. There is no room for them in the abdominal cavity.
B. The temperature in the abdominal cavity is too high.
C. They would become tangled  if they were in the abdominal. cavity.
D. They can move freely during spermatogenesis.
E. They must be located closer to the penis.

_____37. The finger-like structures around the internal opening of the uterine or 
Fallopian tube are known as the:
A. cervix
B. fimbriae
C. endometrium
D. fundus
E. cilia 

____38. The soft, vascular mucosal lining of the uterus is the:
A. mesentery
B. peritoneum
C. fundus 
D. endometrium
E. corpus luteum

_____39. The tubular portion of the uterus, that extends downwards into the upper 
part of the vagina, is known as the:
A. epimetrium
B. myometrium
C. peritoneum
D. cervix of the uterus
E. endometrium

_____40. The usual site of implantation is the:
A. uterine tube
B. uterus
C. vagina
D. vestibule
E. ovary

_____41. Enlargement of the prostate gland can interfere with a male's reproductive 
function and urination because it surrounds part of this tubular structure:
A. uterine tube
B. ureter
C. urethra
D. epidydimis
E. vas deferens

_____42. In the adult male, which of the following structures is located in both the 
scrotum and in  the pelvic cavity?
A. epididymis
B. ductus deferens
C. rete testes
D. bulbourethral glands

____43. The female urethra:
A. opens into the vagina
B. is located above (anterior) to the vestibule of the vagina
C. is located anterior (above) the clitoris
D. opens into the perineum

____44. Which of the following structures is cut during a vasectomy?
A. seminiferous tubules
B. epidydymis
C. ejaculatory duct
D. ductus deferens

___45. Erectile tissue becomes turgid due to the:
A. contraction of skeletal muscle
B. a bony structure
C. elastic cartilage
D. blood sinuses filling with blood

_____47. The birth canal is the:
A. uterus
B. cervix
C. vagina
D. fundus

_____48. The peritoneal cavity in both men and women is a completely closed sac 
with no opening to the exterior of the body.  Is this statement 
A. true
B. false

_____49. The normal uterus tips forward over the urinary bladder.  This statement is
A. true
B. false

_____50. The erectile body which surrounds the vestibule in the female is also 
called the corpus spongiosum.
A. true
B. false

_____51. The visceral organs of the body i.e liver, stomach, kidney, pancreas  are  
capable of causing discrete well localized  pain which can be identified by  the 
doctor.  True or False
A. True
B. False 

_____57. Which of these is mismatched (not a homologue)?
A. vagina---penis
B. testis ---ovary
C. labia majora---scrotum
D. uterine tube---ductus deferens

____58. The glomerulus receives its blood from _____ and is drained by _____.
A. efferent arterioles, afferent arterioles
B. afferent arterioles, efferent arterioles
C. efferent arterioles, interlobular arteries
D. interlobular arteries, afferent arterioles

_____59. The special type of epithelium found in the bladder is
A. stratified cuboidal
B. simple squamous
C. psudostratified columnar
D. transitional

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

True/false questions. Put A, if the statement is true, B, if it is wrong.

60  The peritoneal cavity in both men and women is a completely enclosed, with no opening to the exterior of the body

61  The renal papilla (blunt end of the pyramid) fits into a major calyx of the kidney

62  The renal pyramids contain the collecting ducts

63  The normal uterus tips forward over the urinary bladder

64  The erectile body that carries the urethra is the corpus cavernosum

65  The erectile body that terminates as the glans penis is the corpus spongiosum

66  In an episiotomy, the principal connective tissue structure that is cut 
is the round ligament

67  Spermiogenesis is the same as spermatogenesis

68  The developmental homologue of the penis is the vagina.

69  The corpus luteum drives the proliferative phase of the endometrium

70  At menstruation, all of the endometrium is lost

71  A direct inguinal hernia extends out through the deep inguinal ring

72  The role of the fimbria is to catch the ovulated oocyte and its accompanying structures

73  The ovulated oocyte is directly enclosed by the zona pellucida

74  The anus is part of the female perineum, but not is not a component of the vulva

75  Erection of the penis is primarily under sympathetic control

76  The bulb of the penis is deep to the urogenital diaphragm 

77  The role of the sperm's acrosomal enzymes is to dissolve the cervical mucous plug

78  Sertoli cells are the producers of the male hormone, testosterone.

79  The main source of estrogen for endometrial proliferaion is the corpus luteum

80  One expression of Involution is the controlled loss of glandular cells in the breast after lacatation is over

81  The oocyte completes meiosis at fertilization

82  The two goals of meiosis are to halve the chromosome number and to introduce genetic variety

83  The stem cell to keep sperm being produced is the spermatid


_____52. The sudden event causing the baby's head to descend rapidly and  the 
bleeding  was  a tear in the wall of the uterus.  These tears are graded 1 through 4 with the 
most serious involving the anal sphincter and rectal wall as well.
A. true
B. false

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

On the Figs with numbered leaders, indicate the right renal artery, the left ovarian artery, the right uterine artery, the left ejaculatory ducts
the arcuate vein, the renal pelvis, the trigone region in the bladder, Etc