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Some terms deserve to be here, but only here.

Ångström unit of linear measurement for electron microscopy
Arantius nodule of CT at margin of ventricular-arterial valves
Askanazy's (Hürthle) mitochondria-rich thyroid cells
Auerbach's autonomic myenteric nerve plexus of alimentary tract
Baillarger's bands - horizontal layers of myelinated fibres in cortical grey matter
Balbiani's vitelline body of several organelles grouped by nucleus of oocyte
Barrett's distal oesophageal metaplasia to gut or gastric epithelium
Barr's sex chromatin body in female cells, e.g., neurons
Bartholin's compound mucous glands of female vulva
Bartholin's main excretory duct of sublingual mucous salivary gland
Bellini's urinary ducts opening into renal minor calyx
Bergmann's astroglial cells in molecular layer of cerebellar cortex
Bertin's cortical columns between pyramids of kidney
Best's carmine staining method for glycogen
Betz giant pyramidal neurons of motor region of cerebral cortex
Bielschowsky's silver impregnation methods for neurofibrils
Billroth's 'cords' of blood and lymphoid cells in splenic red pulp
Biondi's filamentous inclusions in aging choroid plexus epithelium
Birbeck's granules in Langerhans' dendritic cells of skin
Blandin's (Nuhn's) anterior lingual mucous salivary gland
Böttcher's small cells on basilar membrane of cochlea
Bowman's capsule around each kidney glomerulus
Bowman's compound serous gland of olfactory mucosa
Bowman's (exterior) membrane supporting corneal epithelium
Brodmann's numbered cytoarchitectonic areas of the cerebral cortex
Bruch's membrane supporting retina's pigment epithelium
Brücke's radial smooth muscle of ciliary body of eye
Brunner's compound mucous submucosal gland of duodenum
Bunger's cords of Schwann cells in regenerating nerve
Buniña's acidophil cytoplasmic inclusion bodies in spinal motoneurons of amyotrophic-lateral-sclerosis patients
Cabot's ring - a remnant of nucleus not extruded from normoblast
Cajal's accessory body - argyrophil granule in the nucleus of some neurons
Cajal's interstitial pacemaker cells in autonomic myenteric plexus of gut
Call-Exner's dark bodies amongst follicular cells of Graafian follicle
Charcot-Bottcher's 'crystalloid' in cytoplasm of testicular Sertoli cells
Charcot-Leyden crystals - a lysophospholipase - in granules of eosinophil and basophil leucocytes
Chievitz' neuroepithelial juxtaoral bodies within cheek
Clara's non-ciliated secretory bronchiolar epithelial cell
Claudius' cuboidal cells of cochlear organ of Corti
Cloquet's hyaloid canal through vitreous of eyeball
Cohnheim's fields or groups of skeletal muscle myofibrils
Coon's fluorescein conjugation method for antibody visualization
Cooper's suspensory ligaments attaching mammary gland to dermis
Corti's auditory organ of cochlea and its ganglion
Cowper's compound mucous gland of male urethral bulb
Crooke's cells - keratin filament-filled pituitary corticotrophs suppressed by excess glucocorticoid
Deiter's phalangeal supporting cells in organ of Corti
Descemet's (interior) membrane of the corneal endothelium
Disse's perisinusoidal space between hepatocytes and sinusoid-lining cells of liver
Donne's large vacuolated phagocytic cells (bodies) of mammary colostrum
Ebner's compound serous gland (taste) in posterior tongue
Eustachian or pharyngotympanic tube
Fallopian uterine tube or oviduct to uterus
Fanañas cells - a deeper-lying variant of cerebellar Bergmann cells
Farquar's folliculo-stellate 'glial ' cells of pituitary pars distalis
Ferrein's medullary rays projecting into kidney's cortex
Feulgen reaction for revealing DNA
Feyrter's neuroendocrine APUD argentaffin cell of airway epithelium
Flemming's intermediate body briefly linking two daughter cells of a mitotic division
Fontana's spaces in trabecular meshwork of anterior eye chamber
Fontana's spiral banding on relaxed nerves
Fordyce's yellow spots - ectopic sebaceous glands in cheek mucosa
Gärtner's cyst - a blind tubular remnant of mesonephric duct by vagina
Gennari's white (myelinated) stria in grey matter of visual cortex
Gerlach's lymphoid tonsils at pharyngeal end of Eustachian tube
Gianuzzi's serous crescents in alveoli of mixed salivary glands
Giralde's body or paradidymis - vestigial mesonephric tubules in CT at head of epididymis
Glisson's connective tissue capsule ensheaths liver's vessels and ducts
Golgi's apparatus of the cell, particularly secretory cells
Golgi's long- and short-axoned types of nerve cell
Golgi's silver encrustation staining method for neurons
Golgi's tension-sensitive tendon receptor organ
Golgi's thorns/spines projecting from neurons' dendrites
Golgi-Mazzoni's lamellated sensory corpuscles of dermis
Gomori's staining method for neurosecretory material
Goormaghtigh's group of lacis/polkissen cells behind macula densa of kidney
Graafian follicle of an ovary stimulated by FSH
Hassall's eosinophil keratinizing epithelial corpuscles of thymic medulla
Hassall-Henle's protruding bodies at periphery of Descemet's corneal membrane
Haversian vascular canals and systems of lamellar bone
Heidenhain's (Gianuzzi's) serous demilunes of salivary alveoli
Heinz bodies of abnormal haemoglobin seen occasionally in RBCs supravitally stained with crystal violet
Heister's spiral mucosal valve in cystic duct of gall-bladder
Henle's endoneurial CT sheath of peripheral nerve fibres
Henle's layer of epithelial inner root sheath of developing hair
Henle's loop (descending and ascending) of kidney tubule
Hensen's columnar cells on basilar membrane of organ of Corti
Hensen's paler zone across middle of A band of striated muscle
Hensen's bodies - assemblies of vesicles in upper region of cochlear outer hair cells and related to ion transport
Hering's canals (preductular) of liver biliary system
Herring's neurosecretory bodies of the neural or posterior pituitary
Hertwig's epithelial root sheath of developing tooth
Highmore's corpus or body - mediastinal CT of testis
Hirano bodies - rare weakly eosinophil filamentous inclusion bodies in CNS
His' atrio-ventricular conducting bundle of heart
Hofbauer's fetal macrophage cells in stroma of placental villus
Hortega's microglial or 'mesoglial' cells of brain
Howell-Jolly bodies - intracellular inclusions in RBCs indicating impaired splenic function
Howship's resorption lacunae made by osteoclasts on bone
Hoyer-Grosser's digital arteriovenous anastomoses
Hürthle cells - see thyroid Askanazy cells
Huschka's auditory teeth - projections of cochlear spiral limbus
Huxley's layer of inner root sheath of developing hair
Ito's perisinusoidal fat-storing stellate liver cells
Jacobson's vestigial (olfactory) vomero-nasal recess in nasal septal mucosa
Janus green B for supra-vital mitochondrial staining
Jensen's ring or annulus in the spermatozoon's tail
Keith and Flack's sinu-atrial pace-maker node of heart
Kent's accessory muscular (conducting) bridge connecting right atrium and ventricle in animal and human infant hearts
Kerckring's transverse valves (plicae circulares) in lining of small intestine
Key-Retzius CT endoneurial sheath, i.e. Henle's sheath
Kierman's spaces very weakly demarcating liver lobules in man
Kohn's (Henle's) pores between adjacent lung alveoli
Kolmer's epiplexus macrophages on the surface of choroid plexus
Korff's fibres inserting into dentine between odontoblasts (artefacts?)
Kossa's histochemical staining method for calcium
Krause's accessory lachrymal gland at eyelid's fornix
Krause's sensory end-bulb or receptor in skin
Kultschitsky's argentaffin (APUD) cells in glands of stomach and gut
Kupffer's phagocytic lining cells of liver sinusoids
Kurloff's azurophil cytoplasmic inclusion bodies of guinea-pig's agranular leucocytes
Lambert's epithelium-lined tubular interalveolar channels in the lung
Langendorff's colloid-filled thyroid glandular cells
Langerhan's pale endocrine islets in pancreas
Langerhan's antigen-presenting dendritic cells of epidermis and stratified squamous epithelia
Langhan's cytotrophoblast cells of placental villi
Leydig's endocrine interstitial cells of testis
Lieberkühn's crypts or simple tubular glands of the gut
Lissauer's zone or dorsolateral fasciculus in spinal cord's white matter
Littré's tubular mucous glands of urethral mucosa, especially male
Lubarsch's cytoplasmic 'crystalloid' of some spermatogonia - a rod-like bundle of microtubules
Ludwig's arterioles directly connecting renal intralobular arterioles with arteriolae rectae verae
Lugaro's horizontal neurons of outer cerebellar granular layer
Luschka's aberrant blind ducts in the neck of gall-bladder
Luschka's foramina in lateral recesses of 4th ventricle
Magendie's medial foramen between 4th ventricule and cisterna magna
Malassez' rests or remnants of tooth's epithelial root sheath of Hertwig
Mall's periportal tissue space in liver
Malpighian corpuscle (glomerulus+Bowman's capsule) of kidney cortex
Malpighian germinal lymphoid corpuscles (white pulp) of spleen
Malpighian layer of skin's epidermis/epithelium
Malpighian pyramids of multilobar human kidney
Marchi's osmium tetroxide method for degenerating nerve fibres
Marinesco's acidophil intranuclear paranucleolar body in substantia nigra and locus coeruleus neurons
Martinotti's cerebral cortical neurons with ascending axons
Meckel's mandibular cartilage from embryonic first branchial arch
Meibomian 'sebaceous' gland of eyelid tarsal plate
Meissner's autonomic submucosal nerve plexus of alimentary tract
Meissner's sensory corpuscle of skin's dermal papillae
Merkel's intra-epithelial sensory transducer cells in skin
Meynert's giant stellate neurons of cerebral cortical striate area
Moll's large 'sweat' glands of eyelid margin
Mongolian spot - concentration of dermal melanocytes in sacral skin
Monro's interventricular (lateral to 3rd) foramina
Montgomery's areolar tubercles/glands - miniature nipples
Morgagni's hydatid (in male: appendix of testis) - epithelium-lined cystic remnants of Muller's duct
Morgagni's lacunae - outpouchings in mucosa lining urethra
Morgagni's longitudinal columns in lining of anal canal
Müller's circular ciliary smooth muscle of eye for accommodation
Müller's ducts - embryonic origin of uterine tubes, uterus, and vagina?
Müller's radial fibres - glial cells of neural retina
Müller's smooth-muscle levator palpebrae of eyelid's tarsal plate
Nabothian follicles or retention cysts of uterine cervical mucosal glands
Nissl's basophil rough-endoplasmic granules of neuron cytoplasm
Nitabuch's outer layer of fibrinoid in the placental basal plate
Nuel's outer tunnel by outer hair cells in organ of Corti
Oddi's duodenal sphincter (including Boyden's sphincter around bile duct)
Odland's granular cytoplasmic bodies in keratinocytes of skin
Oort's bundle of centrifugal nerve fibres in the cochlear division of cranial nerve VIII
Owen's contour/incremental growth lines in dentine
Pacchionian arachnoid villar granulations of the brain's dura mater
Pacinian onion-like sensory corpuscle in hypodermis, muscles, etc
Palade's ribosomal granules, free and membrane-attached
Paneth's acidophil granular cells in crypts of Lieberkühn of gut
Perl's Prussian blue method for revealing iron
Peyer's lymphoid patches in mucosa and submucosa of ileum
Pflüger's egg-tubes - cords of germinal cells growing into ovarian stroma
Philadelphia chromosome acquired in certain leudaemias
Prussian blue staining for ferric iron
Purkinje's large output nerve cells of cerebellar cortex
Purkinje's pale conducting muscle fibres of heart
Ranvier's nodes regularly interrupting myelin sheath of nerve fibre
Rathke's pouch of pharyngeal ectoderm - origin of adenohypophysis
Regnaud's residual body of excess cytoplasm cast off in spermiogenesis
Reichert's embryonic cartilage of the second (hyoid) pharyngeal arch
Reinke's crystals of testicular interstitial cells
Reissner's membrane in cochlea separating scalae vestibuli and media
Reissner's fibre - an stringy thread of glycoprotein from the subcommissural organ extending down into the spinal canal
Remak's unmyelinated peripheral nerve fibres (often autonomic)
Renaut's hyaline whorled cellular bodies in endoneurial CT
Renshaw's internuncial neurons of spinal cord's grey matter
Retzius contour or incremental growth lines in dental enamel
Retzius fibre cells (sensory) in cristae of semicircular canals
Riolan's ciliary part of cyelid's skeletal orbicularis muscle
Rivinian minor excretory ducts of sublingual mucous salivary glands
Rohr's layer of fibrinoid at base of inter-villous space
Rokitansky-Aschoff sinuses - mucosal outpouchings herniating out through muscular wall of gall-bladder
Rolando's substantia gelatinosa of spinal cord's dorsal horn
Romanowsky's stains for blood cells
Rosenmüller's vestigial Wolffian organ (epoöphoron) representing male's epididymis in female
Rosenthal's fibres - elongated inclusions in reactive or neoplastic astrocytes and composed of crystallins
Rouget cell or pericyte sometimes wrapped around capillary
Ruffini's encapsulated sensory mechanoreceptor II of skin's dermis
Russell's acidophil inclusion bodies of some plasma cells - mutated immunoglobulin that cannot move out of the endoplasmic reticulum
Santorini's accessory pancreatic duct
Scarpa's elastic fascia of anterior abdominal wall
Scarpa's vestibular ganglion with bipolar neurons
Schlemm's annular canal draining anterior chamber of eye
Schmidt-Lantermann incisures or clefts in myelin sheath
Schneiderian membrane or mucosa lining most of nasal cavity
Schrapnell's flaccid part of ear's tympanic membrane
Schwann's neurolemmal cells investing peripheral nerve fibres
Schweigger-Seidel phagocytic sheath around splenic pulp capillaries
Sertoli's columnar supporting cells in testis seminiferous tubule
Sharpey's imbedded periosteal fibres of bone and cementum
Skene's paraurethral ducts representing prostate in female
Stensen's duct of compound serous parotid gland
Sudan staining of fat
Suquet-Hoyer's (Hoyer-Grosser's) arteriovenous anastomosis/glomus of plantar, palmar and facial skin
Sylvian aqueduct of brain linking 3rd and 4th ventricles
Tawara's atrio-ventricular node of heart's conducting system
Tenon's orbital CT capsule within which eyeball rotates
Thebesian veins (venae minimae cordis) draining directly into heart's lumen
Timofeew's Pacinian-like corpuscles of prostate of human infant
Tomes' granular dentine layer adjacent to cementum of tooth root
Tomes' odontoblast fibres (cell processes) in tubules of dentine
Tomes' process of ameloblast - distal compartment actively forming enamel matrix
Tyson's 'sebaceous' glands of penile glans
Vater's duodenal ampulla of fused bile and pancreatic ducts
Virchow-Robin perivascular spaces of brain's pia
Volkmann's canals entering bone from periosteum or medullary cavity
von Willebrand clotting factor (vWF) in endothelial Weibel-Palade storage granules and platelets
Wallerian degeneration of severed or poisoned nerve fibres
Weibel-Palade body of membrane-enclosed vWF, microtubular and other materials in endothelial cells
Welsh's oxyphil mitochondria-rich parathyroid cells
Wharton's duct of mixed sero-mucous submandibular gland
Wharton's mucoid jelly of umbilical cord
Willis' arterial anastomosing circle at the base of brain
Wolffian duct - embryonic origin of ductus deferens and epididymis
Wolfring's tubulo-alveolar glands (mucous?) serving eyelid's conjuctiva
Wrisberg's elastic cuneiform cartilage of larynx
X cell - dark cell of corpus luteum of pregnancy
X cell - modified decidual cell of uterus
Zeiss' sebaceous glands of eyelash follicles
Zinn's suspensory zonule of the eyeball lens
Zuckerkandl's paraganglionic bodies (by abdominal aorta) of chromaffin system

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